Social Media

The fastest moving and most discussed issue in marketing communications is social media.  Every business owner and organization leader knows of the power of social media and the question is no longer if to be involved, but how to get the most out of the efforts.

The great appeal of social media is that it's considered "free."  The reality -- there is a cost.  Time to research, create and post content, the opportunity cost of not doing other proven ROI activities, all have value.  A social media plan will not only help ensure a social media ROI, but when integrated into traditional media, online strategy and customer relations -- the results are magnified! 

The cornerstone of all communications is your website and online presence.  Is your website working as hard as it could be?  Are your customers finding your website and "sticking" around?  Let's create the synergy between social media and your website for greater returns!    

Social Media & Website Services Include:
Creation of Social Media Plan, Strategies and Tactics
Social Media Account Set Up
Content Development
Social Network Management
Website Design & Structure
Email Marketing
Event Photography