Public Relations

Small businesses are often at a disadvantage in gaining exposure for their brand.  They may not have store fronts in every community, don’t have huge marketing budgets and don’t have a large marketing team. Advertising can only go so far.  

A PR strategy and campaign will get you out in front of the competition and in minds of new customers. 

What can a PR campaign do for you?

  • Create “Buzz” and additional word of mouth exposure.
  • Increases brand equity through 3rd party credibility.
  • Provide the most cost effective return for advertising when compared to placing an ad in a publication or a direct mail campaign.
  • Improve customer relations by providing useful information.
  • Demonstrate that your business is “on the move” and is seen as a leader.

Public Relations Services Include:
Writing and Distributing Press Releases
Presenting Stories to the Media and Industry Leaders
Writing Articles and Case Studies
Media Events
Community Relations & Advocacy
Event Photography